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PASM not working, 981 Cayman S

  • 2016
  • Cayman S
8 000
Palo Alto, 

PASMicon on my new to me 2016 CS seems always on. The light on the PASM button dutifully turns off and on but neither I nor the techs at the local dealer can tell the difference in ride between on and off.

My outgoing 2009 CS has PASM and there's a very clear difference between off and on. And I've driven a 2015 CGTS and recall a clear difference as well. So I don't think I'm imaging this. And I bought this car out of state and so have a few thousand miles in it on all kinds of roads. There's still no difference.

But the dealer had multiple people look at it and they say all the diagnostics work out, even though the techs agree that they can't tell the difference either. And, they drove another CS and couldn't tell on it, as well. So they say this is normal.

Does PASM really do so little that even techs can't tell the difference?

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