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PASM working or not working; how do you tell?


Model: 911S, Year:2006, Mileage:31000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Hi Joel!Members update: 2006 c/2[WPOCB29976S769774]Have 997 c/2 911S w/ PASM. Dealers' tech says working fine! But see no real differnce. Why is that?Porsche's lit pg 80 [MKT 001 099 07] says two modes.Normal or sport[firmer]. Had MB 430 could set now have S550 automatic. Have '05 Cayenne turbo, PASM works fine. Bought 911S for PASM but disappointed. Other cars have airride vs electronic may be reason or is there a fault in Bilsteins?Frere's book "911 story" page 447 says the damping forces are automatically adapted and in the sport mode running gear almost equals the performance of the pukka(??) sport running gear. Higher lap time!Does PASM's ECU need software updates? Or are acceleronmeters mal-functioning? Is it speed dependent? Maybe dealer's techs ran too slow in test drive?Leffingwell's book" perfection by design" on page 334 says they made it very sporty on one side. Lap time improvrd 17 seconds? In its [PASM] stiffer setting it came up 15% softer than non PASM full sport suspension European lowered ride coupe.Dealer's techs say no problems. But my 65 year old butt can feel the difference between Turbo Cayenne and S550 MB. Stiffer is stiffer! Each has its own feel, but the PASM on this 911S seems no differences between setting? Can you suggest any cause of action to have the dealer look into? Its certified!

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