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PCM Display Issue

  • 2015
  • Cayman S
19 000
Electrical and Electronic

If I'm playing preset radio choice #4, or something other than #1, before turning off the motor,  upon returning about ten or more minutes later, choice #4 will be playing with the title and artist displayed but the highlighted choice is #1.  On some occaisons, a third station will be playing with the artist and title from the previous station while #1 is highlighted.  Essentially, the station display changes after the vehicle is shut off and then restarted.

The dealer has tried to repair this on two occaisions with no positive results.  They have updated the existing software to no avail.  Porsche considers this to be "normal operation of the PCN system of this generation" and declines to address this as a warranty issue.  My position is that it was not delivered this way, for the first 2 1/2 years it worked as delivered and now it does not.  Clearly, it was not designed to operate this way.

Has anyone else had this issue come up and if so, what was the solution?  

Also, Porsche says they have no review process within the company and I find this hard to believe.  Two conversations with customer service takes me to a dead end.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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