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PCM Lock and Nav Settings Changing

  • 2009
  • Cayenne S
71 000
Electrical and Electronic

The settings for locking and unlocking the car have changed every time I have driven my 2009 Cayenne S in the last week.  Normally, I deselect the options to automatically lock the car when driven and unlock it when the key is pulled out.  I changed the settings back to what I normally use when I started the Cayenne this morning, but both locking settings were selected again after starting the car again at the grocery store.  In addition, I noticed the nav distance settings were now in meters (vs miles), and that there were related changes in the consumption reporting.

Is this a known issue?  Will restoring the settings to the factory defaults -- and then resetting them -- possibly fix this?  Is a firmware upgrade or reload a possible option?   I don't want to consider replacing the PCM, and am hoping there is a reasonable fix available.
Many thanks,
   Tom Hartzell




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