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PCM Rebooting every minute or so 2016 Macan S

  • 2016
  • Macan S
50 000
Electrical and Electronic

About a week ago my PCM on my 16 Macan S was rebooting every 30 sec to a minute. It would not stay on at all.

This continued for a few days and eventually the stored radio station were gone also in memory.

I contacted my local porsche dealer and he told me this was a common issue that was recently happening across many Porsche Models and was due to a Porsche 

headquarters( Germany ) software update. He said it should correct itself withina few day. He told  if it doesn.'t  I could reboot the PCM and there were instructions in the owners manuel

to do so. After about 6 days and no luck i decided to reboot the PCM, it gives you two options a soft reboot and you don'y loose any stored information, or a hard reboot and any

stored information is lost. After attemting the soft reboot twice  i had no luck , finally I decided to do the hard reboot and its been working ever since. Fortunally i didn't have a lot of stored

points to reset.


  Any one else experiece similar issue  in theire cars with this PCM gltich?

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