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PCM Reboots Every 9 Minutes

  • 2015
  • Boxster S
20 600
Electrical and Electronic

I have a 2015 Boxster S still under warranty that I purchased earlier this year.  Since I've had it, the PCM (Porsche Communications Module) turns itself off and immediately restarts every 9 minutes like clockwork.  Essentially, the power cuts off and comes back on causing the unit to reboot.  So phone conversations are dropped, navigation is interrupted, CDs restart back at the beginning of the disk, etc.  This happens every 9 minutes repeatedly regardless of whether the vehicle is parked or moving, hot or cold, no exceptions.  

The dealer first tried updating the software, but the problem persisted.

Next, Porsche authorized replacing the whole PCM unit.  This was done but the problem still exists.  No change, every 9 minutes the power trips and instantly comes back on, same as before.

The dealer is out of solutions at this point.  It seems that there is a problem in the power supply that is causing the problem since we've verified that the PCM is OK.  Any suggestions as to what that might be?


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