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Pedro, if you did a PPI on a car for sale under PCA sale ad #7261, can you give that information to a buyer if given permission by the seller? I am considering buying and prior records are limited; you did a PPI etc on said vejhicle. Thanks

  • 2003
  • Boxster
40 000
Electrical and Electronic

I am condiering purchasing a car from one of our members located in Florida, ad #37261.  Prior maintenance and history are sketchy at best.  Subsequent to his purchase seller stated you did a complete PPI, verified IMS and direct oil pressure and sscavage, etc had been changed.  Was wondering if you could verify this informatin with his permission.  I am located in New Mexico and am seriously consiidering buying this car.  If you have done this work, I will sdriously consider the purchase.  The records are missing and I like the sway the seller has put the advertisement together with honesty.  Everything would fall into place if you could privide me with this support information.   I have stayed away from giving the seller information except the ad #.  Trying to purchase with all information going through PCA and with everyon's permission for information.  Thanks, Steve  Hurt



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