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Performance in a Cayman or Boxster 3.8 Engine


Vehicle Information:

Hi Scott,How long does it take to convert the Cayman S to a 3.8S Engine?The more I think about this 3.8S conversion the more excited I get.. I expect delivery of my Cayman S May or June from my dealer. It will have the Porsche active suspension management system and Sport Chrono Package. Does the Chrono system still work after the conversion? Can the ride height be adjusted down a little more then the 10mm?How is the oil changed in the Cayman? Drain Plug or siphon ? How is oil quantity measured ? computer or Gauge? The owers maual said 20k miles on an oil change, do you agree with this length of time? Is there break in oil?Does the 3.8s engine weight the same as the 3.6?Is the stock clutch compatible with the 3.8S engine?I understand the Cayman first and second gear ratio is different then the 911, Is that a detriment or a good thing?What is the cost of a conversion?Let me know when you are planning a conversion for someone, I would like to come down and meet you and take a look at the project.Regards,John

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