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performance mods on a 3.0


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T Targa; Year: 1973; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4 with "E" cam; Total Mileage: unknown, but recent complete rebuild of the 2.4;

I have an opportunity to rebuild a 3.0 at a reasonable price and install it in my 911T. Right now the suggestions are: high compression pistons, and Webers/PMO (only because I like the sound), and an appropriate cam. It might be important to note that I will keep the present engine, and that I really enjoy it, except for it's lack of power.The questions are:1. Can I use the "40" Webers I have, or do I need to buy some "46's"?2. Are there compression upgrade choices?3. Should I use different heads rather than the stock 3.0 heads?4. Is there a cam suggestion? I like the available power range in the "E" cam. 5. Will the engine feel heavier, less rev-happy?6. Will a light weight flywheel help that?7. What kind of HP can I realistically expect?Thank you. I have read a lot of the answers.Bob Thiessen

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