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performance problem.

  • 1986
  • 911 Carrera
115 000
Electrical and Electronic
Nova Scotia

Original symptom: Under acceleration, 5000 rpm roughly the engine would cut out for a second or two.  When this occurs the rpm is still properly reading. If I apply more throttle, no change. If I apply the clutch the rpm drop and engine stops. (this may only occur every 5-10 drives)

- I put in a new fuel pump, but no change.

- unhooked the idle switch and no change.

The engine will now do this to the point I have to pull over. If I apply no gas pedal the engine will stay running, but will surge between 1-3 thousand rpm.  At this point it is putting out whitish smoke, not black.  If i press the gas pedal the engine cuts out and will not restart for 1-3 minutes roughly.  If I do not press throttle and surging will go away and I can then drive normal.

Since this has started, I took a road trip to Maine and New Hampshire and no symptoms until mile 2400 when reentering Nova Scotia. 

Now that it is colder it is getting worse, may not be related.

Have also replaced the DME relay.. Removed and had the solder joints inspected in the ECM.

Best Regards, Barry Josey


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