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Poor performance after hard run

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.0, Garrett T36S turbo, Garretson IC, Web Cams @ 1.25, Adjustable BOV; Total Mileage: 90000;

This a consistently inconsistent problem. After car has been driven for awhile, temp is up to 190-210, trying to start off from dead stop the car performs as if it does not want to take fuel. It pops and bucks and slowly builds till it finally takes off. It may immediately fall, do it all over again and take off or not. Either way if you hold your foot in it the problem will clear and the car accelerates like a rocket. Could someone please help, it's to the point I'm not comfortable driving off in the car. Thank You Tom Fleming 2003036744

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