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Porsche to replace engine in 2002 C2


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 4500;

I am a first-time Porsche owner having taken ownership of a 2002 C2 in late August. I had 4500 miles of trouble-free driving until two weeks ago when my engine check light came on. At the local Porsche dealer the diagnostic check revealed a persistent misfiring on one cylinder. After about two weeks of troubleshooting without success, I was informed that my engine had to be replaced. I was told a completely new engine will be shipped from Germany and installed in my car in about two weeks. My question is, should I be concerned about this engine replacement, relative to my car's performance, handling, reliability, etc.? I thought Porsche engines were very well built, robust, and reliable. The car's engine started idling rough about the same time the engine check light came on. I never noticed any knocking. However, I hadnoticed a slight engine hesitation at about 3000-3100 rpm. This was before the engine check light came on (weeks before). I was in the repair bay when the technician plugged in the diagnostic computer. I saw "Mis-Fire No 2 Cylinder" on the computer screen, twice. This iswhat has been tried: -replaced the sparkplugs -changed a computer control module -swapped fuel injectors -did a"wet soak" on the cylinder wall -checked wiring for continuity and any pinch points. This Friday, they informed me that the next course of action was to replace the engine. Other than this problem, the car has been everything that I expected. Driving it hasbeen unlike any other car I've owned. I use it as a daily driver.

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