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Possible Piston/head interference in 1969 911 T 2.0-2.2L modification

  • 1969
  • 911T
65 000
South Carolina

I am planning on modifications to my stock 1969 911 T 2.0L engine, to increase displacement to 2.2L.  I have 2.2L heads from a 1970 2.2L 911 T, will probably use Solex cams, and I am considering  purchasing a piston/cylinder kit on eBay, which has new 84mm biral cylinders and high compression 84mm JE pistons.  The compression height of the pistons is listed as 33.91mm (1.335”), with a compression dome top of 13.59mm (0.535”).  My question is whether the piston height will cause problems with the stock 2.2 L 911 T heads?  The pictures of the pistons appear to have 911 S size cutouts for the valves in the piston domes.  I will be using my 69 911 T 2.0 L case and crankshaft with the 66mm stroke, and Weber carbs.  Thank you for any help you can give me. I have no experience with JE pistons.   Matt Fox

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