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power loss

Fuel System

Model: 996, Year:2001, Mileage:44,000, Type of use:Street use only
2001, 996, coupe, 44,000 miles, stock.under load, engine shudders slightly at low RPM when throttle is depressed and at > than 4500 RPM seems to not accelerate / a lot of hesitation. seems like the fuel injection is not working. idles fine. drove car over winter approx 2 times per month. last Nov this first happened after washing car during a drive, after a couple of miles it went away. drove fine the next several times. then a couple of weeks ago, it came back and stayed that way thru 2 tanks of fuel. one mechanic said it most likely is water in the fuel tank, no engine check light and no DME fault codes, it seems to feel like the injectors are not firing (no boost you get when RPM hits 4500). I read questions on MAF cleaning, could this be the cause, what about the fuel filter.

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