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Problem with low beam headlights

  • 2003
  • 911 Carrera
61 250
Electrical and Electronic

A few weeks ago, my driver side low beam headlight stopped working.  When the high beams were activated, both lights worked, but when switched back to low beams, the driver side would not work again.  After two weeks, the driver side low  beam suddenly started working again.  After another few weeks of working properly, the driver side low beam quit working again, and has not worked for the last week.  I looked at the bulbs of all the lights and they appeared to be in good condition.  After some internet research, it seemed like the most likely problem was the headlight switch - so I ordered a new one.  Today, I replaced the headlight switch.....and the driver side low beam still did not work.  Next, I purchased and installed a new low beam bulb for the driver side light.  The low beam light still does not work.  Finally, I checked the fuse box and looked at any fuse having anything to do with the lights....they all looked clean and in good working order.   Obviously, my low beam headlight is still not working....what else can I check or might the problem be?  I am out of ideas and my end and would appreciate any insight/input you can offer.

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