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Problems with AC Recharge

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Model: C4S, Year:2003, Mileage:77216, Type of use:Street use only
I recently took my car into the local dealer to have the AC recharged. As background, I should tell you the front radiators were replaced on my car last summer because they were leaking (I'm not sure if this repair could affect the AC system). After the recharge, I had normal, cold air coming from the vents with the AC on, but this laster for only a few days before it stopped working.I took the car back to the dealer and they said the refrigerant level was now empty and a leak was found around the AC line connections under the body, as well as on the the inner connection on the right side condenser. The leaking o-rings were replaced and the system was refilled. The invoice states that they checked for leaks after the repair and that it seemed to be in good order.Unfortunately, 9 days later, the AC stopped working again.My question is: is the AC system on these cars so complicated that it should take a Porsche dealer 3 tries to fix it? I've already spent over $750 on this and I expect that I'll be receiving another bill when I bring it back next week. Is there an area that they haven't looked at that I might suggest to them that could explain why the system is losing refrigerant so quickly?

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