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Quarter Window Installation


Vehicle Information: Year: 1976; Body Type: Coupe;

I need assistance from someone who has replaced stationary quarter windows with opening quarter windows. After repaint, all glass is back in but the quarter windows.As holes for the top and bottom hinges and the latch are already provided, it appears all that is necessary is to tap these holes for the correct screw thread.After tapping the holes for hinge screws (PANHEAD M5X8: 900.186.143.07) and latch screws (COUNTERSUNK-HEAD M4X15: 900.148.023.02).In order for the quarter window hinges to pass through the centerpost and align with the hinge mounting holes in the centerpost, 47mm x 1.5mm vertical slots must be cut in the center post flange to allow the hinges to pass through the centerpost, for both top and bottom hinge. IS THIS CORRECT? Where does the rubber sealing strap 901.543.493.20 go? between centerpost and hinges or between hinges and rubber quarter window seal 901.543.901/902.20?Any detaiils you can provide are greatly appreciated.

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