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Model: 993, Year:1997, Mileage:25K, Type of use:Street use only
1997 993 C2, all stock. Purchased from SC 2004, 16k miles, and now resides in CA. 2004 discovered the rack-n-pinion steering had a leak. Handling was superb, tracking, etc..2012 now have 25K miles. Decide to resolve RnP steering issue and was informed by many shops the best was to purchase a Porsche rebuilt RnP from Porsche Germany. The shop was highly recommended, as they Race the 993 and know them inside and out. After replacement and alignment, the superior handling performance is now gone. In a straight line the car snakes down the highway at times. At times the car unexpectedly lunges right or left while the steering is going straight. The car is no longer firm with the highway, The steering takes more effort than before. Question is, is there a Serial number on the Porsche re-manufactured RnP steering. My concern is the shop may have used my purchased RnP in one of their race cars and installed a used one from their cars. Is there a way to trace the SN# from Porsche to the shop and see if the one I purchased is actually on my 993. I have only been to the shop once. I have the highest regard for the shop, but my quoted price was $1200 under everyone else. Driving the 93 is no longer a Pleasure. Is the issue with the RnP or in the wheel alignment. Any help/insight or guidance is appreciated.

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