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Radiator intake screens - 996


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 18,9xx;

After our discussion on the amount of trash the front intakes manage to ingest on a 996, I've checked around for some sort of screen material to "filter" the radiator intake air and provide some level of protection to the coolant radiators. The dealers service department expressed some concerns that a grill or mesh material might restrict airflow to the radiators. Your comment that Porsche includes a mesh material on their race cars leads me to think I'd be better off with some type of "intake grill" on each side. Two questions: 1. Your thoughts on the air restriction concern expressed by the dealer and 2. Suggestions as to where I might purchase such grills (ads show them for Boxsters but nothing yet for 996). The air can get a little "thin" here in Denver, especially this time of year with ambient temperatures in the high 90's so I can understand the dealers point. Seems like a "Catch -22" (no pun intended)and I would appreciate your thoughts.Thanks again for your help!

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