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Radio on /off Mystery

  • 2002
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
62 000
Electrical and Electronic
Staten Island, 
New York

My name is Demetrio, new to PCA and new to this post.  I'm am thrilled to be able to ask this of people that KNOW the car..

When I bought the car a few months back It was parked outside my mechanic's shop collecting dust.The car and it's previous owner [ a commodities Broker} where "known" to my mechanic for the last seven years and the Repair and  Maintenance schedule was unquestioned. Turns out the car wouldn't start because it was left outside for so long {my mechanic having only 1 bay and three parking spots outside} that it caught alot of condensation and a little water under the drivers seat... I asked if the car was for sale and after much back and forth I bought the car and towed it to Ray Catina in Jersey. The anti theft module got replaced as well as the module it speaks to behind the ignition switch and both keys also.. Car started right up and I drove it home. Spent the next 8 days ripping out the interior and washing EVERYTHING down with vineger and water and etc and clean up and dry out ALL the mold that caused the car not to start in the first place...

Please bear with me, I prefaced my question with this story because I believe it has something to do the the answer. My mechanic has no knowledge of the radio acting the way it does before I bought the car.

This car came with the Bose System and it sounds pretty good........when it feels like working....

With the key in ignition turns on..go to start and the screen Blacks out and no sound ...after a while it will turn back on.

I turn on the lights...screen blacks out and no sound... after a while it turns back on.

I touch the brakes... I play with the heater controls.... It seems essentially ANYTHING that would cause the Alternator to fluctuate in any way causes the radio to shut down and then, when electricity is "stabilized", it turns back on by itself....

I'm guessing that our previous mold problem has more to do with my current Radio cut out problem than I can figure out...

I'm not sure but I don't believe I have a problem with the Positive wires going to the radio because it works fine as long as there are no electrical fluctuations going on.

I've convinced myself that there is some kind of Ground differential in play which may be the result of my original "Mold" Issue.

I'm lost as to how to proceed on this one people, ....HELP!!   Please.



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