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Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera; Year: 1985; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 Stk; Total Mileage: 130K;

When I got the reading of 8.9K on the #5 wire I ordered new wires. I replaced the wires with the same. Borg. They were less than half the cost of Porsche brand wires, They were listed as OEM like. The Autohaus rep said they were the same except the didnt come in a Porsche labeled bag. The wires looked exactly the same as what I had. Is this common?Second question. With a resistance of 3 times the norm, the current would be 1/3 the norm (R=V/I). Wouldnt this severely reduce the spark? About high can the resistance go before the wire should be replaced? If other wires had higher resistence then would it be preferred for me then to change the wires?

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