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Model: 914, Year:1972, Mileage:109,00, Type of use:Street use only
I purchased a beautiful '72 914 which did not have a key for the rear deck lock. I removed the lock, took it to a lock smith which made a key. I did not have time due to work to reinstall the lock. My wiufe and neighbor thought it would be a nice jester if he put the lock back in - he did without checking to see if the locksmith put the lock inerds back in the correct position - he did not. Neioghbor shut the deck and push down hard to hear it latch. now the key goes in the lock and turns but since the inerds were not in the correct position, the lock does not disengage the lever inside - I have taken out the two nuts in the engine compartment - driver side hinge moved, passenger side has not. How do I move it so I can get a arm inside the deck to unscrew the lock latch?

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