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Rear wheels- geometry

Suspension and Steering

Model: 993, Year:1995, Mileage:69350, Type of use:Street use only
95 993 Cab rear suspensionJoel, I have read all suspension threads on geometry and while some do address ground clearance and set ups I have a specific remaining question and concern.The vehicle's suspension was upgraded to M 030 springs, drop links and Bilstein HD shocks 9/2005. The local shop who did the work is very well regarded. Lowering achieved was 30 mm/1.5 inches and car was corner balanced and aligned using the now insanely costly Porsche alignment gauge tools. Larger M 030 torsion bars were not installed. Car is not updated for revised 1996-1998 geometry parts. This set up has 23,500 miles on it after 8.5 years.Recently I measured front and rear heights from ground to center lip of fenders with correct and equal tire pressure of 36 lbs/sq in. Front L&R, 24 and 15/16" high each. Rears are different measurements (three taken with same result). R=24 and 23/32", L =25 and 3/64" -- about a 5/16" difference. Before measurements taken a friend and I "settled" the car by getting on the door sills and "jumping" to get an accurate measure.My questions are two: 1) is this rear height difference nominal and nothing to be concerned with or should the rears be adjusted to insure equal heights? My thought is perhaps one of the rear shocks is wearing out (visual inspection doesn't note anything suspect on all four) or the original set up of these adjustable shocks was a few turns "off" on the rear right side.Car rides and tracks well with no evidence an alignment is needed or other parts being worn out. 2) What is your view of the service cycle of these Bilstein HDs. I don't feel they are worn out at 23000 miles but can you comment if replacement would be in order after 8.5 years of service life.Thank you.

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