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Recommendation for First Oil Change


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Total Mileage: 1000;

In talking to fellow Porsche owners I have been offered two, very different, recomendations regarding timing for the first oil change:Recommendation 1: It is best to change oil/filter after first 1000 miles to prevent any metal particles from break-in, etc. from damaging partsRecommendation 2: Car comes from factory with special "break-in" oil that is not designed to be changed from car before end of fiirst year/15000 miles (whichever comes first)and that changing out this oil at low miles may actually impede break-in processWhat timing would you recommend for first oil change? Also, after the first oil change I plan to change oil anually (= approximately 3000-4000 mile interval)-does this seem about right?Best regards and thanks for your help,John

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