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Vehicle Information: Year: 1976; Body Type: Targa;

Is there a particular battery you would recommend for use with a 1976 911S? The car is seldom driven and therefore I am looking for a reliable battery that I can call upon to start the car after it has been sitting for a week or so. I know allowing the car to sit that long without starting it is not recommended but that is the situation. It currently takes me quite some time to get the car running after it has been sitting for a week. I have read other reviews and realize that I also probably need to take a look at my plugs as well but I am almost certain that a new battery is in order. Also, it is noteworthy that I live in a very warm climate most of the year (southeast Texas) so cold starts are not that much of an issue...except for the 2 days out of the year when it drops to roughly 40 degrees.Thanks in advance for any recommendations you may be able to provide.Rashaad

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