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Refueling a Boxster and ORVR

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Engine (type, size, modifications): stock 2.7; Total Mileage: 35000;

Periodic problem putting gas in. First encountered last year. Thought it was fixed after reading Tech Q&A and changing fuse for ORVR system. Problem now back about 1 year later - fuse appears good, door in filler pipe clicks when pushed back, vent lines are as installed, car serviced by dealer at 30K miles about 8 months ago, nothing unusual to note other. Current problem ranges from a minor return of fuel when filler pipe filled with the initial 1/10 to 2/10 gal to a major one when somewhat more gas, say a gallon or two, has gone in and there is a "whoosh" like gas venting followed by a considerable spray of fuel out the filler pipe. Fortunately, the major return of fuel has only happened once. The minor return of fuel and the inability to put more in on demand is; however, all too common a problem at present. It seems unaffected by whether the engine has been run a while or just enough to get to the gas station. It also seems unaffected by ambient conditions or the time between refueling attempts. Any solutions or suggestions would be a great help.Concurrently, am curious as to what makes up the ORVR system, where the components are, how to get them, and how they works as well as how the new for 2000 system differed from earlier ones. There isn't much information available. I would like to know more. Any information would be helpful.Meanwhile thank you for your help and I look forward to refueling without problems again.

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