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Release fork leaf spring configuration

  • 1971
  • 911T
53 000

Should the leaf spring in the 901 transmission hold the release fork against the throwout bearing?  I have today joined my rebuilt engine to the rebuilt transmission, and put the release fork in its proper position relative to the throwout bearing.  There is a gap between the end of the leaf spring and the fork of about 1/8".  The spring is new, as are the ball pin, washer, and throwout bearing; the fork is used.  It seems that the leaf spring should be bent an additional amout to hold the fork against the throwout bearing and eliminate the wobble.  It also seems possible that the fork, being used, is worn down some, creating the gap.  There is still time to make the adjustment.  Should I?  If yes, how much pressure should the leaf spring apply? 

Thanks, Ed

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