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replace rubber center clutch with spring center

Transmission and Clutch

Model: 911 carrera, Year:1987, Mileage:164,00, Type of use:Street use only
Hello. i have a 1987 carrer 3.2 with G50 trans. Rubber cente clutch exploded with a lot of life left on disk. Have new flywheel, pressure plate and spring center disk [930-115-014-02] later throw out bearing [950-116-080-08] and matching guide tube no part number but right O.D. Old article in Excellence by Bruce Anderson[ Nov.1999 #89] he still favories the rubber center. In his piece he mentiones using a longer throwout bearing guide tube for the rubber to spring center conversion on G50 trans. I emailed Bruce and got several replys but he seems to talking about using a later solid no spring center disk from 964 and I am cconfused. The setup i have i think is for the older pre rubber clutch 930 turbo. Will the stuff i have work in my G50? Bruce was great to reply to my questions but he had no dimension for the lenght of guide tube for my applaction. My tube is 1.75" out from surface of trans trans. I got the update cross shaft bearings.

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