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replaced all shocks and struts along with new lower H&R springs (with alignment) and now the PSM kicks in frequently on freeway speeds for no reason

  • 2006
  • Cayman S
130 000
san diego, 

I replaced shocks and struts with bilsteins HD (yellow), H&R lowering springs, two new rear tires on my 2006 Cayman S, 130K miles with  horrible results.  I took the cayman for alignment after all the work was done but now the car is not handling correctly at all.  The PSM (porsche stability management) kicks in frequently when drinving at freeway speeds for no reason, mainly in 65mph or faster turns, not at low speeds.  The alignment shop gave me the print out of the specs and I did notice that the rear camber is out of specs.  I asked and the answer that they gave me is since I used the lowering springs the car can't get the right camber otherwise the toe would be out of spec too.  By the way, the car had stock shocks and lowering springs all its life without any of these problems. 

Any insight on the problem?



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