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Model: Speedster, Year:1955, Mileage: alot, Type of use:Street use only
I'm having problems finding a replacement tire for my Michelin X 165X15 tires on my 1955 Speedster. It was converted to 15" prior to me purchasing the car in 1965. I have another problem that I've been trying to solve. When I take the tire & wheel off my car with it jacked up with the factory jack I have to de-flate the tire so it will clear the brake drum and the fender lip then inflate it when put back on. The wheel are steel stock 15" Porsche wheel I believe J is stamped on them I have know idea what year they came off of. My question is there a body problem causing this or is it the back spacing on the wheels and if so what 15 wheel and tire do most folks use on there 356 Speedster. I'm looking for a good daily driving tire not a high performance tire. I have checked local tire stores and no one seems to have a replacement tire for the Michelin X or a 165 X 15 tire available. Thanks for your help. George

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