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Replacement Air Injector Plug?


Model: 911SC, Year:1978, Mileage:155k, Type of use:Street use only
Hi-I have a '78 911SC with about 155k miles. The engine was rebuilt in 1997 by Gary Wigglesworth/ Translog. The air injection system was removed and the injector holes into the heads were replaced by what looks like a set screw. It has a slot in it that would fit a standard screwdriver. While on my last road trip, suddenly the car got very loud and I feared either a cracked SSI header or worse, pulled head studs. On inspection it looks like an injector plug had fallen out, and an adjacent one was not as flush as the rest. After some research, I have found replacements by Weltmeister with a flanged shoulder and allen head, Type 911 with just an allen set screw, and Pelican parts with a copper washer, shoulder and bolt head. I think my threads are fine (I can provide pics) but it sounds like the plug needs to be tapered to fit properly, and the more threads the better to get a good bite. Can you provide insight on the best plug, and what thread locker to use in this environment?Thanks, you guys have been great.Brian

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