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Replacement Brake Pads and Tires for 2009 Cayman

  • 2009
  • Cayman
40 000
Wheels and Tires


Looking for advice on replacing brake pads and tires

I bought a 2009 Cayman (base) in June 2016 with 36K miles.

i have added 4K miles in the last year, some of it on DE days and autocross.  The pads will need replacement soon and the tires later.  I believe I have OE pads and OE drilled rotors.  Rotors look good to my untrained eye.

I am looking for a compromise street and track pads and tires.  I am not interested in changing out pads or tires for an event.  

I would appreciate your advice on new pads.  Also brake fluid - DOT 4 any particular brand and temperature rating?

Current tires are Michelin Pilot Sport and seem to perform well on the track

Jim Pettit
Fredericksburg VA

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