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Replacing the stock shifter


Vehicle Information: Model: 911SC; Year: 1982; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 50,000 on new gauge (actual mileage unknown);

This 1982 911 SC is my first Porsche and I have learned (as has everybody else) that the car is sweet with the exception of the stock shifting. I have learned from 4 months of experience and asking many questions that:1) Shifting to 1st and 2nd gear is (usually) stiff. I have to often pump in into 1st.2) The reason for #1 above is more than the shifter alignment and design. The tranny design itself adds to this problem.3) The gear mechanism(s) for the 915 transmission (especially 1st and 2nd) have problems inherent in design.I have discussed with my mechanic the possibility of solving my 1st and 2nd shifting problems by replacing the shifter. Most of the talk is about the factory short shift kit, but I'm interested in the Wevo shifter from smartracingproducts(.com).The Wevo shifter is claimed to provide crisp and precise shifting. But will it solve the design problems that are inherent in the transmission?My mechanic says no, but it will help.There are many posts on that rave about the quality of the Wevo shifter.I'm not interested in short shift so much as I want to have precision shifting.Please advise on Wevo shifters.Thanks.

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