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Replacing tires - front and rear or rear only.

  • 2004
  • 911 Turbo
53 335
Wheels and Tires


This question seems to be a popular topic.  However, I just cannot reach the conclusion with the definite answer.  The search did not help, either.

My car needs the replacement tires for the rear.  I am trying to decide if the front ones need to be replaced at the same time.  It is a car with AWD, so there are some requirements.  

The depth of the tread for the front tires is currently 9/32 for both left and right.  Luckily, there are wearing out evenly.  The depth for the new one is 11/32 according to the manufacture data.

That is the wear amount of 2/32.  One source says that the front tires can be kept as long as the wear amount is equal to or less than 2/32 when the rear ones need to be replaced with the new ones.  Is this the case?  What is the minimum required depth for the front tires with the new ones in the rear?

The car is on the winter set of tires/wheels right now for this question.  The tires are Pirelli Winter Snowsport 240 N3.  The sizes of tires and wheels are as specified in the owners manual for the winter.  The same kind of tires will be used for the replacement whether the car needs the rear only or all four.

Thank you very much.


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