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Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/4; Year: 1972; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1.7 (slightly over-bored); Total Mileage: High;

(Reply to your Q about what buyer would get for $5-6000 from Jake Raby: If you don't know about his motors, see his websites, Aircooled Technology, and also MassiveTypeIV, as well as the 3-issue article on his motors in Hot VWs this summer--don't recall exact dates. He does lots of monitored experiments on cooling, changes of electricals (coil, ignition, etc), and head/airflow (he makes his own heads). look, under his kits, at the 2270cc version, with, which he rates at 180 hp and more than doubled torque, and he claims will last as long as the factory motor. He has lots of tech reports and a forum on his site, too. It's worth some time looking at his sites. Sounds like Jake's kits are as cheap as alternatives, and more totally integrated to give best results. But thanks for your info, too. -Chris

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