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resistor ignition rotor used with MSD coil

  • 1973
  • 911T
87 700

My 1973.5 911T came to me with an MSD 6A CD ignition, still using the standard Bosch coil, and a Pertronix Igniter I, installed, instead of points in the Bosch distributor. I am going to replace the original coil with an MSD Blaster High Vibration coil, which is supposed to be a more appropriate coil to use with the MSD 6A CD unit I've read that a non-resistor ignition rotor should be used with the MSD Blaster coil. Is this true? I think I currently have a resistor rotor (I'm not positive).  I think I currently have the original type rev limiting rotor, but I'm not sure how to tell. Am I going to melt/ruin a resistor rotor, if I use it with the MSD Blaster coil? If I do currently have a resistor rotor, do you know where and what brand/type of non-resistor rotor I can buy that will correctly fit my distributor? Also my current rotor doesn't seem to want to pull off. Is it fastened down somehow? I thought that was only true for Marelli distributors. Many thanks!

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