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Rev and stumble at idle

Fuel System

Model: Carrera, Year:2004, Mileage:97,700, Type of use:Street use only
Adding to my question on 10.21.2011. My car has been to the dealer several times for several days at each visit. 2004 Carrera 996 w Tiptronic now with 97,700 miles. The car runs like a champ. Except that it randomly has a rough idle and has idle surges. The dealer has not found any hard codes and I have arrived at the dealership after an episode of idle surges and left the engine running so that they could check for soft codes - none. All systems and components have been checked. The dealer has reprogrammed the computer and they have driven the car nearly 100 miles trying to diagnose the problem. They don't want to replace the computer because of the expense, especially if the new computer doesn't solve the problem. There's no exchanging the computer or returning a new one. No air leaks anywhere. As I said, with the exception of the random surges, the cars runs like a champ. We are stumped. The problem seems to be more frequent on warm days and when the engine is at running temp. at idle but recently it threw a rev as the engine was warming and it threw a rev while the car was rolling into my garage, launching into the trash cans.

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