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rev limiter and limits


Vehicle Information: Year: 1981; Body Type: Coupe;

When driving today my car started accelerating in gear on its own. When I depressed the clutch and put the car in neutral the engine rpm shot up to a point where the tach appeared to hang at about 7K. The cruise control had apparently malfunctioned and opened the throttle completely. I was able to disconnect the cruise control cable and drive home. The tach was buried for about 3-4 seconds as I was trying to slow the car down, get out of the left hand lane of the highway and not hit anyone. Two questions:1. I have read that the SC has a fuel pump cutoff rpm limiter set to 6850 +/- 150. Is this true and would that be where the tach appeared to hang before I could shut the engine off?2. My mechanic (who is very competent with 911 motors) told me that the two likely damage areas would be valves and possible rod bolt stretch. The former would be immediately apparent. The latter would be something that may appear over time as a rod knock. The engine makes no noises and appears to run fine. Any thoughts on this?

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