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Ride comfort of a 2014 Cayman S

  • 2014
  • Cayman S
14 000
Wheels and Tires
Castro Valley, 

Hi there. My 2014 Cayman S with standard transmission and standard suspension is an awesome car and I'm loving it! Since I have some body pain problems, I would love for the ride to be a little more comfortable, or compliant as they say. I have test driven Caymans with 18in, 19in and 20 inch wheels and I have been able to feel a difference in ride comfort among each wheel size. Of course , the larger the wheel size the less comfortable the ride. From what I have seen, the 18-inch wheels come with 45 series tires, the 19-inch with 40 series tires and the 20 inch with 35 series tires.
My car has 19 inch wheels with 40 series tires. My tech question is, has anyone tried putting 45 series tires on 19 inch wheels on the 2014 to 2016 Cayman?
If you have, did you feel that the ride became a little bit more comfortable? And were there any issues that you had to deal with because of putting 45 series tires on 19 in Wheels? Issues like Tire to fender or other parts of the car issues or issues with the traction control system or any computers or faults that may be thrown because of putting 45 series tires on 19 inch wheels?
I know I could put 18in wheels on the car, however, I have begun to start liking the 19-inch wheel look on my car so I thought I would look into going this route. Also any suggestions on tires that are more comfortable in general for the Porsche Cayman and still give at least a little bit of good handling? I understand Comfort and handling are a trade off and you can't have both completely. I am just trying to get the ride comfort that I felt with 18-inch wheels and 45 series tires on a car that has 19 in Wheels. If I was younger man I am sure I would not be interested in this idea. At the same time, if I was a younger man, I wouldn't have the money to buy the car, laugh out loud !!!
Thank you in advance for your advise! Aloha, David

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