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Ride height difference


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Engine (type, size, modifications): Stock; Total Mileage: 8800; Transmission: Manual;

The ride height on the right rear is 1/4 higher than on the left side, measured at the fender lips. Air pressures were exact. I did not check ride height with stock springs and struts. With H&R's with stock struts or Eibach's with Bilstein struts the ride height is 1/4" higher on the right side with both configurations. I know that the rear strut mount on the top has to fit only one way, I marked the top strut mount before taking apart the first time so I know it is assembled in the same way, the plastic piece with the slots is correctly fitted also, it also looks right. The struts are in the wheel carrier to the stops.I bought the car new so I know is hasn't been wrecked since I bought it, unless it was before I bought it. If the left side was higher I probably wouldn't have this question because I would expect the left to lower some with just the driver in the car.The ride heights in the front are about the same.Should I worry about this or is this normal? Anything else I should check?Thanks!Abe

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