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RMS remediation


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 C2 40th Anniversary; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 11,000;

I took my 2004 911 into the shop this morning for a still small but ominous oil leak. The July 24, 2004 TSB (1359) concerning RMS repairs makes no mention of using epoxy on the crankcase halves as part of the repair procedure. I have read and heard of shops using epoxy (Scott Slauson) or J B Weld on the halves. When I took my 911 in my dealership said they do not use epoxy on the crankcase. Do you know PAG/PCNA's position on this procedure? Is my dealership behind the times?Also, I asked them to let me know the specific alignment specifications on the crankshaft. They said they no longer measure actual shaft eccentricity ("that's the old method") but simply use a "go/no go" tool to ascertain whether to either repair or replace the motor. I assume the end result is the same but was curious what others are doing. Assuming it passes the go/no go, I would like to know by how much. They confirmed that they attempt to repair the problem twice and, if unsuccessful, replace the motor. I hope it doesn't come to that.Many thanks for your thoughts on this.

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