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Rod bearing #3


Model: 964, Year:1990, Mileage:132000, Type of use:Street use only
The engine in question had a top end rebuild at 121000 due to numerous oil leaks. A few thousand miles later, the engine developed a miss at idle that was diagnosed as a carbon buildup under the exhaust valves. The valves and value guides were replaced and now 2000 miles later I started to hear a noise at about 3000 rpm under load which turns out to be a #3 rod bearing failure. Working now to determine the reason for the lubrication failure. All of the other bearings look OK. In reading, I find that the crank oil is fed in through the #8 bearing which is at the rear of the engine. Meaning cylinders 3 and 6 are furthest away from that source. I am assuming that some of the copper valve guide material remained in the engine and partially oil flow. What should I look for to be sure that this engine lubrication problems are all identified?

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