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Rough Idle at high temp.

Fuel Injection & Carbs

Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/4; Year: 1973; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1.7; Total Mileage: 60000;

While Driving the car around town everything is perfect. Once I get the car out on the freeway and drive an hour or two when I come to a stop the idle will drop a bit, like 100-200 rpm, and it will idle a little rough. I leaned out the idle mixture one click on the control unit and it helped a little. It will run a little rough for about a minute at idle and then will even out and regain normal idle speed. Any ideas would be great. Also the control on the control unit is clockwise for a more rich idle mixture and to lean it out counterclockwise or is it the opposite. Also how much does each click enrichen or lean the idle mixture, I am an aircraft mechanic and I now how bad a lean mixture can be to an aircooled engine. Many Thanks!

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