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rough running after rebuild


Model: 911SC, Year:1978, Mileage:115000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I just had a top end rebuild while replacing broken studs - valve guides, cam regrind, lifters, rings - all done by a local shop. I chose to do the engine removal and replacement. All wires, connections were thoroughly labeled and connections made easily - except one. The small wire coming from the distributor had a broken connector. The pins/flats were intact so I just planned on pushing the pins into the female connector upon reassembly. The car started but is running rough between idle and about 3000 rpm, small back fires, doesn't pull full load until about 3000 rpm. Advancing(?) the timing helps but still rough - just less back firing. My question - could I have hooked the wires in the wrong orientation? Any issue about just switching to see if there is improvement? Other steps taken - checked for vacuum leaks (and will keep checking). The shop assures me the cam was ground to factory and cam timing set correctly. Will also look into distributor cap / rotor for issues - lubrication, cracked cap...

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