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Sagging headliner

  • 2009
  • 911 Turbo
16 700

<p>My question involves the headliner of my 2009 911 Turbo. &nbsp;It is all Leather and it is sagging. &nbsp;I just purchased the car but sagging was not apparant to me until I drove on frwy with windows open and headliner "flapping: up and down. &nbsp;I reviewed your Tech questions and found a Sagging Headliner category but only one question on a 993. &nbsp;You remarked this question of first impression on this issue. &nbsp;</p>

<p>I had a Porsche Senior mecchanic inspect it which he claimed no separation of headliner from internal infracture. He did mention 5 years old may be an issue for the sag, but I have had Porsches 10+ of age with no sage. &nbsp;I wonder if the Leather Headliner is a problem? &nbsp;Maybe the heat caused leather to stretch? &nbsp;Is the headliner clued to the infracture at or near the sunroof? &nbsp;The headliner appears to sagging down at that area. &nbsp;Is there a fix for this? &nbsp;Or, is it something I have to be concerned? &nbsp;The car is certified so I' wondering if this is a waranty item?</p>


<p>Thanks for you input</p>

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