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Seat memory no longer functioning

  • 2018
  • 718 Cayman GTS
10 000
Cables and Controls
New Hampshire

I have a 718 Cayman GTS that I took in for the 2 year service and now the seat memory is non-functional.  I feel like the dealer must have done a software update as my HomeLink is now flaky, the oil level software acts differently than it has for the previous 2+ years & before the maintenance work was performed, and the seat memory is broken. I'm bringing this here in hopes someone has some thoughts on how to fix the seat memory,  My dealer is 90 miles away and I don't really feel like making a return trip if I can fix this issue myself.  Note that the outside mirrors, steering wheel, & AC settings are all still remembered so it's only the seat that has lost its memory. 

With that said, everything I've read in the various Porsche forums indicates the seat extent values just need to be reset by running the seat through the full ranges of front/back/up/down.  This lets the electronics know what ranges it can work with. I have now run the seat through the full range of front/back/down/up, have done it twice for each range per some recommendations.  I have done each of these with:
 -Engine running, door open
 -Engine running, door closed
 -Ignition on but engine not running, door open
 -Ignition on but engine not running, door closed
My dealer said run to the extent and then push the button again in that direction, which will cause a little shift in the seat in that direction. Repeat for each range.  I tried that also with all the above iterations.
No luck with anything.

So my questions are:
   Does anyone here know definitively how to re-enable my seat memory functions?
   Is there something in the dealer's software that could have caused the seat to be disabled?  The dealer told me they used their software to check the oil level and I'm wondering if something could have been corrupted while they were connected?

Hopefully, "Cables & Controls" is the correct category.  It could have also been "Interior" or "Electrical & Electronics"

Thank you!

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