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Seatbelt Warning light

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Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera 3.2; Year: 1985; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 123600;

I have a couple of questions about my 1985 Carrera which recently turned 123456 miles on the trip back home to Oklahoma from Parade 2007. This year my total trip was 4,300 miles with several side trips thrown in. I used 3 quarts of oil total. A lot of those miles were at 75 to 85 MPH in temperatures up to 115 degrees. I think 1,433 miles per quart is great for a factory stock engine with that many miles. What is your opinion?The main question is this. My seatbelt warning light will flicker on and off at what I can only think is random order. This is not the parking brake or brake warning system it is just the seatbelt warning light. I can unbuckle the seatbelt and it does not change, it still just flickers on and off. Sometimes it stays off for a while and other time it is a constant flicker. I never see it just full bright on. I have cleaned the connector from the seat belt on the drivers seat and nothing changes. There are no passenger side seat belt wires. I always wear my seatbelt. I am one of those folks that want every single feature to work as designed, or even better than original. I could just cut the wire to the light but that is not what I want to do. I want it to work the way the factory designed it. I searched the Bentley manual for the wiring diagram and I could not figure out what to look for. I have cleaned the fuses and the ground points I could find. I replaced the emergency flasher relay thinking it was part of the circuit. That did not help. Where should I start to find the cause of the problem?

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