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Seized engine?


Model: 924 carrera GT, Year:1981, Mileage:125000, Type of use:Street use only
I imported a 1981 924 Carrera GT ( one of the 406 made) into Canada in 1996. It ran perfectly at this time. In 2000 I sold it to a friend who ran it for a few years until the turbo failed. He put the car in his barn, removed the turbocharger but never got round to fitting the new one.I bought the car back a few months ago and the engine appears to be seized. I have had a bar on the main crankshaft - no movement. I have been towed slowly along the highway and have tried to crank the engine by releasing the clutch - the back wheels skid along the road.The car has been in a dark, dry barn for 10 years - the engine should not have seized like this. I have poured all kinds of freeing agents/concoctions into the cylinders. Someone suggested the clutch could be seized.I have moderate knowledge of engines ( not Porsche) . Without stripping down the engine and emptying my bank account, does anyone have any suggestions on the next step?

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