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Several questions by a new 993 owner

  • 1996
  • 911 Carrera 4
99 500


I have a few questions about my 1996 993 C4 with 99K miles:

a) The previous owner says he was using Mobil 1 10W-40.  I looked on their web site and they

recommend 0W-40.

But, what about this new oil that Porsche has announced for the older cars. Should I use that?

It is 10W-60.

Theirs is What would you advise?

b) the top end was done just before I got the car to fix the check-engine problem.  What can I do,

if anything, to keep the passages clean so this won't happen again?

c) when I come to a stop, I hear a kind of rattly noise from the back that is clearly coming from

the spoiler parking itself.  Is this normal for an older car? Is there anything I can do about it?

d) do you know if it is hard (or even possible) to install the older pre-1974 pop-out quarter windows? 

I had them in my 69 911E (unfortunately long gone - let's not go there) and I always liked the

additional air flow. 

If it can be done, I assume a reliable body shop would be the best choice - just have to find one

in my area (Berkeley, CA - recommendations?)

e) finally, I noticed one day when the weather was quite hot that the engine sometimes knocked.

Of course I am putting the highest grade gas we have here (91 octane).

Is there a knock sensor in this car?


Thanks very much!







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