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Shifter adjustment.

Transmission and Clutch

Model: 911 Slant Nose, Year:1984, Mileage:unknow, Type of use:Street use only
A little history first. I have been helping a friend sort out some shifting problems, he was complaining it would not shift into 5th. Upon inspection I discovered the tab on the top plate with the reverse lock out pall to be bent and preventing the shift lever from going into 5th. He went to bend the tab back over and it broke off. Not being sure of welding it back to the proper position and the cost of the top plate @ $155 we ordered the complete Porsche short shifter kit from Pelican @ $195. I also ordered new pivot cup, shaft bushing and coupler bushings to be replaced. All seemed to go well with both the shifter rebuild as well as replacing the coupler bushings. Unfortunately I had never test driven the car before I started any of this and my only reference was the online forum from Pelican Parts. I did put a center punch mark on the splines by the clamp for the shifter coupling. Upon reassembly and adjustment the first try I could not shift into 5th as the guide on the shifter was hitting the dreaded tang on the top plate. I rotated over a couple of splines and was then able to shift into all gears. Unfortunately on a test drive when pulling away from stopped 1st gear seemed very tall, then as I warmed up and drove further, when I tried to shift into 4th there was grinding like the synchros were worn out completely. I can shift into 4th at a standstill up to about 5 miles/hr other than that I won't even try. The owner drove the car yesterday and says that it feels like 1st gear is like 2nd gear used to respond (tall gearing and does not rev as high at the same speed). He has also said that he never had any problem shifting into 4th. It almost seems like the entire trans is now overdriven like 4th may be staying engaged at all times. I've never experienced anything like this before, while never dealing with a Carrera trans before, I have rebuild several transmissions in the past as well as clutch changes and engine rebuilds. I am worried of damage to the trans. and the rebuild costs on a car that isn't mine. Is there something I've missed, or I caused the trans to overdrive everything. Can I release all the gears to neutral without removal and dissassembly or perhaps I should re adjust the coupling?Thanks for the help, I anxiously await your direction, Lloyd Andrews PCA#2001065738.

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